City of New Albany
  • 18-Nov-2022 to 15-Jan-2023 (EST)
  • Animal Shelter
  • New Albany, IN, USA
  • Full Time

Working under the Director, the Animal Care Manager supervises the Animal Control Officer I as needed and the activities of a variety of part-time employees, and volunteers. This position is responsible for the care and record keeping of all shelter animals and the cleanliness of the shelter. The Animal Care Manager collaborates with the Animal Adoption Coordinator II and Animal Control Officer II to evaluate animals for euthanasia, adoption, rescue or fostering.

"*" denotes an essential function of the job
  1. *Supervises overall shelter operations, providing training and assistance as needed.
  2. *Responsible for inoculations, parasite control and other medical care to shelter animals, consulting with veterinarians as necessary.
  3. *Has the ability or develops the resources to restrain, handle, and maintain any species that may come into the shelter's custody.
  4. *Coordinates the veterinary work needed for shelter animals including the spay/neuter program, Heartworm and Feline Leukemia/FIV testing, and Microchipping of animals.
  5. *Orders medical supplies and maintains inventory, responsible for security and proper disposal of medications.
  6. *Has the ability or develops the resources to evaluate animals suitable for adoption, placement into foster care, placement into rescue, or euthanasia.
  7. *Assists animal adoptions including assisting the public with questions, mediates difficulties, aids in staff training, and follow-up of adoption placements.
  8. *Works in conjunction with volunteers to develop and execute internal as well as external involvement of volunteers with our programming including but not limited to adoptions, off-site adoptions, rescue programs, and foster programming.
  9. *Works with rescue groups, foster homes, volunteers, and other necessary community outreach required for programming, and the maintenance of a positive public perception of the shelter.
  10. *Writes training and program policy with the director and implements programming as needed.
  11. *Responsible for the over-all sanitary and hygienic conditions of all kennels and areas.
  12. *Assists Shelter Director with over-all maintenance of the building and grounds of the shelter.
  13. *Maintains safeguards on animal documentation of animals held, euthanized and adopted.
  14. *Monitors all incoming and outgoing animals for health and cleanliness.
  15. *Responsible for overseeing the process of identification of animals returned to owners from the shelter.
  16. *Communicates effectively both orally and in writing with a high-quality work product.
  17. *Cross trains and provides assistance in training to all staff.
  18. *Able to perform record keeping, process adoptions, intakes, licensing, writing run cards and handle all appropriate records as needed using the current shelter computer software.
  19. *Able to perform required end of day procedures; i.e. balance money drawer, secure building/area.
  20. *Stays current with national trends in animal sheltering issues and travels to training as necessary.
  21. *Has the ability to perform Feline Leukemia/FIV and Heartworm testing on appropriate shelter animals.
  22. *Cares for shelter animals that have had surgery or treatment following the veterinarians' instructions.
  23. *Does temperament and health evaluations on incoming animals.
  24. *Determines which animals need to go to isolation and if/when they can be released from isolation under the veterinarians' guidance.
  25. *Works with staff to train and socialize animals in order to make them more readily adoptable.
  26. *Responsible for the care and euthanasia of shelter animals as needed.
  27. * Manages performs hiring process of PT employees with approval of Director.
  28. *Completes periodic performance evaluations on Animal Care I and II.
  29. * Maintain and utilize all shelter electronic media accounts such as Facebook , website or Twitter.
  30. Performs other duties as assigned.

  1. Reports to work in a punctual and timely manner.
  2. Ability to apply the basic methods of animal care and kennel sanitation practices necessary to ensure the health and safety of all shelter animals.
  3. Ability to administrate community outreach programming incorporating volunteers to do so.
  4. Maintain a positive attitude with the public and strive toward a positive public image of our programming.
  5. Ability to provide basic emergency medical care to animals, to properly give inoculations and prophylactic anthelmintic, and teach and supervise basic animal care.
  6. Ability to properly euthanize sick, injured or unclaimed animals.
  7. Ability to accurately examine and select animals for adoption or euthanasia.
  8. Supervise Part Time staff, maintaining animal treatment standards in accordance with departmental regulations, and ensure acceptable maintenance of shelter buildings and grounds without direct supervision from the Shelter Director.
  9. Ability to work with generally accepted methods of operation but must use judgment in selecting pertinent guidelines and in adapting standard methods to ensure proper treatment of every animal housed at the shelter.
  10. Ability to deal with substantially intricate situations involving adoptions, animal care and euthanasia, and must make decisions concerning the health and welfare of shelter animals.
  11. Responsible for the activities of full and part-time employees and volunteers, the humane treatment of all shelter animals, as defined by departmental policies, and the continual maintenance of all shelter buildings and grounds.
  12. Responsible for making substantial contributions to non-routine decisions and recommendations regarding animal care and adoption.
  13. Responsible for discussing unusual problems or deviations from Department Guidelines with the Director.
  14. Maintain initiative to preserve the flow of work.
  15. Work under stress and with commitment to deadlines.
  16. Sustain interpersonal relationships which encourage openness, candor and trust, both internally and with the general public.
  17. Complete projects and/or reports in accurate and timely manner.
  18. Always adhere to the Mission statement of the shelter.
  19. Maintain City information in a confidential manner.
  1. Frequent bending and lifting and the ability to lift a minimum of 25lbs.
  2. Must be able to capture and restrain animals ranging in weight greater than 100lbs.
  3. Ability to work as a team member.
  4. Display professional appearance, warm demeanor and positive attitude.
  5. Be a motivated self-starter.
  6. Work independently and to be accurate, efficient and organized.
  7. Manage multiple tasks simultaneously.
  8. Work under pressure with time constraints in a changing environment.
  1. Consistently exposed to animal related hazards while performing the duties of the position.
  2. Frequent daily contact with other staff, volunteers, and the general public to provide service, carry-out policy, and maintain coordination within the department.

  1. Associate's Degree in Animal Science, Veterinary Science or a related field; or 1 year relevant experience at an animal health care facility or animal shelter.
  2. Registered Veterinary Technician preferred.
  3. Practical knowledge of the principles, practices and techniques of animal care, including knowledge of common animal illnesses and diseases and the husbandry of multiple species.
  4. Ability to effectively communicate both orally and in written form.
  5. A pleasant, friendly, and outgoing demeanor.
  6. Willingness to take on additional tasks as assigned.
City of New Albany
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